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Been a while since my last post. Crazy life. New baby, new exchange student, and plenty of work keeping me busy. I was reading some blogs around the net, and stumbled upon this one...

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Image Resizer – New Chrome Extension

So, after using the RES plugin for reddit, I fell in love with the ability to just grab the corner of an image, and resize it to make the image easier to see. I...

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You don’t need no stinking jQuery!

With Window XPs support coming to an end tomorrow, I have some great news! You don’t need jQuery anymore! (at least, not for the easy stuff) Getting a DOM Element //jQuery var $thing =...

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Get Every Class of Every Element on a Page

Today I ran into the need to see what all of the classes on a given page were, to build a reference list for later. Pasting the code into the console window will return...

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New Chrome Extension – Reddit Upvoter

I was looking for something simple to build to gain a little experience building a Chrome extension. I came up with an extension that allows you to upvote or downvote every link on a...

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