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www.39thstreettattoo.com (soft) launched!

Happy to announce the (soft) launch of http://www.39thstreettattoo.com/ Aubrey has been a good friend of mine for years, and does very excellent work. In fact, he just tattooed me last night! Do me a...

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A Few of My Favorite SASS Mixins

Ahhh SASS… What did I ever do without you? There are thousands of articles about how to implement SASS, so I’m going to skip that part and go straight to the meaty stuff. If...

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http://www.ktklattorneys.com/ launched!

While I am no longer with DMH, I am very proud of the time I spent there, and the projects I was able to work on. It took a little while after I left to...

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Approaches to Media Queries in Sass | CSS-Tricks

Great article from a guest post by Eduardo Bouças on css-tricks.com. via Approaches to Media Queries in Sass | CSS-Tricks. I’ve been doing a lot of cools things with SASS lately, but haven’t really...

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Been a while since my last post. Crazy life. New baby, new exchange student, and plenty of work keeping me busy. I was reading some blogs around the net, and stumbled upon this one...

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